Project Description

Digi fem IS A PROJECT contributing to the reduction of youth unemployment emphasizing to young women and to the recognition and certification of skills developed in environments of non -formal and informal training/education that can be adapted to different work needs and environments.

Main objectives: offer to young women the possibility to be in contact with a supportive low cost mechanism and investigate in a simple way the needed steps for setting up a business.

Achievement of objectives: through development of an ICT tool, facilitated by MOOC, development of training curriculum, national surveys on female entrepreneurship, production of a profess framework, development and certification of fem-entrepreneurs skills, development of a network between female entrepreneurs.


  1. Production of software toolkit, for business start ups and/or acquisition of new jobs,
  2. Digi-Fem Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), the Digi-Fem open on-line course will offer specially designed Open Educational Resources (OER) and learning pathways on the main thematic areas of startup basics (business planning, supporting technology infrastructure, digital marketing and social networking), built around a business scenario development approach,
  3. Development of a training methodology addressed to young women (EQF 3-4) or women from difficult social backgrounds needing more contact and attention to acquire knowledge, skills and competences in order to succeed. Additionally mentoring and counseling services for youth with fewer opportunities, NEETs or youth with perceptional
  4. Survey and comparative analysis on female entrepreneurship, gathering national data, from all partners on female entrepreneurship, legal frameworks, legislation, tax system, financial possibilities, social “burdens” and inhibitions.
  5. Recognition, validation and certification of skills and competences at national and transnational level by referencing to EQF and using EU validation instruments.
  6. Production of professional framework on female entrepreneurship based on the national surveys, descriptions of female skills and competences on a comparative approach, results of desk top analysis and providing information about currently available qualifications, together with information about professional development opportunities.

A lot of dissemination activities will be organized as a campaign on female entrepreneurship finalized by conference on women’s entrepreneurship “LOST OPPORTUNITIES, MORE OPPORTUNITIES”. Also activities will be developed in the social media social media, interviews are taken from female entrepreneurs, posters and flyers are produced, as well as debates on HEI level, organized in parallel with w-s etc.

Workshops together with short-term joint staff training events will be organized by all partners addressed to key persons from VET and HEI sectors (professionals, staff, researchers, experts, consultants), labor market representatives and individuals (chambers, employment organizations, etc) and local/regional and national authorities.


Target group:

Young women, NEETs, “with fewer opportunities”. Beneficiaries will be young women from 18 to 38 years, with or without entrepreneurial activity, willing to be integrated in the labor market.

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