In order to become a successful entrepreneur, you should follow the next 4 steps:

Step 1 –  Presentation

In this step, you should talk about yourself and your experience, explaining your project and ideas, how you realize it and, if it was difficult, how you faced the different situations.

To present yourself and to share your experience, click on the following links:


Step 2 – Contact women as you

In this step you can share your experience and compare it with others, take and give advice at the same time. This could be very useful for the starter, but also for entrepreneurs who want to improve their business.

Contact women as you

Step 3 – Associations

In this step you can find useful advice to safeguard your business. Taking contact with trade associations could be a useful tool  to avoid fraud and violations.


Step 4 – External resources

Here you can find information about financial opportunities, how to accede and how exploit them in the better way.

External resources


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